From a very simple idea, this application came to live. It started as a small test to find out how JavaFX would perform. It performed so well, that it was decided that it deserved a full application. It is still in an early stage, so bear with us regarding any misbehavior or bug. Just send us feedback and we will try to be as responsive as possible. Also, for more information, contact us, we love to ear from you.


inEvo is a company located in Lisbon,Portugal. We several year in RIA developments, inEvo is always eager to try new technologies and programming paradigms. For more information, visit inEvo site or contact us.
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  • "[..] puede abrir un mundo de nuevas posibilidades a los fotógrafos y artistas que pensaron que con HDR estaba ya todo inventado."
  • - in wwwhat's new
  • "[..] una nuova ed interessante applicazione appositamente preposta a tale scopo che, considerando le sue caratteristiche, va a rivelarsi decisamente fuori dal comune."
  • - in Geekissimo
  • "[..] voilà un outil qui permet de faire des dégradées de photos relativement artistiques [..]"
  • - in Cocktail de Web News
  • "El programa solo va a encargarse de crear las uniones perfectas para que la imagen se vea real [..]"
  • - in Punto Geek
  • [..] the results are pretty impressive, something that would require substantial amount of work to achieve in Photoshop."
  • - in instant fundas
  • "TimeShot is a very interesting web application that allows you to 'paint' with your photos."
  • - in Photography Blog
  • "W TimeShot możemy na jednej fotografii pokazać, jak dane miejsce wygląda o różnych porach dnia."
  • - in Fotoblogia
  • "[..] un’applicazione web che vi consente di dipingere con creatività le vostre foto."
  • - in Click|blog.it
  • We are still young.. let us grow.
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